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2004-11-30 - 10:49 p.m.

Slowly But Surely


The start of the siding. Notice the "white stuff" all around. It's only November 13th!

How am I supposed to use this outlet? The electrician told the framer NOT frame over the boxes, to which the framer replied, "I'm not stupid," and then proceeded to do this. Funny thing is, the electricians are the ones who had to fix it, and all the boxes in that wall had to be moved.

The garage with shakes. We're getting there!

Do these doors look dark green to you? I ordered dark green doors. Weeks later we're still waiting to hear what it's going to cost to get them switched to what they should have been in the first place.

The shakes on the back of the house just before Thanksgiving.

The last of the windows are finally in! (The extra bedroom and the boys' room.)

View from across the street (ignore the red car on the lawn, we do). Not too shabby. I hope the people who buy it when we default on our loan appreciate it. Kidding!

We're supposed to see a plumber this week. Let's hope!



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